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Located in Cincinnati Ohio, The Pool & Spa Warehouse is a regional destination for shoppers seeking the best values in home entertaining.

We also supply large organizations and other dealers with product at wholesale or reduced pricing.

Our In Ground pool division is recognized by our Manufacturers and Distributors as “The Leader” in our market for innovation and use of the latest green technologies. Our installations save our customers thousands of dollars in wasted water and energy. Likewise, all of our spas comply with title 20 and 24 regulations making them again, among the most energy efficient in the industry.

In our patio furniture department, we specialize in “Made In The USA” goods of high quality at a great price. Recently, the Cincinnati Zoo purchased a large quantity of furniture for their new pavilion from us.

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What people say

  • We had empty areas that we turned into a game room and lounge.  Love the products and level of support!

    LAURA CHARETTEBusiness Ownder
  • "I was shocked at how quickly they took our dream and made it a reality for us"

    DAVID J. GROVESHome Owner
  • "Reasonably priced and high quality products, you can't ask for more"

    David BencherAttorney
  • I just recently had an inground pool put in at the start of the summer season. They had great installation time and there education on the products was bar-none higher than any other store in the area including watson's, tim's etc


Pool and Spa Warehouse in Cincinnati

In ground Pool

Imagine lounging by a sparkling pool on a hot summer day relaxing with family and friends.

Now imagine letting the stress of the day melt away in your own personal spa. Stop imagining and start building. Whether you’re looking for custom, fiberglass or liner pools, we’re here to make the pool or spa of your dreams a reality.

If you already own a pool, we have everything you need to keep it clean, fresh and fun. We offer a wide variety of chemicals, water testing, pool accessories and toys. We even offer maintenance service to make you pool life even more carefree.

Extend your living space by taking it outdoors. Visit our showroom to view our vast selection of stylish patio furnishings. With a focus on quality and comfort, we offer hundreds of colors, patterns and designs all to fit your unique taste from classic to exotic. We’re committed to creating your perfect setting, so there’s no additional charge for special orders. We take pride in our selection, so shop and compare.

If you’re looking to add some fun to your home, look no further. We offer everything you’ll need to transform any room to a new game room your family will love! We offer a wide selection of bar furnishings, game tables and one of the best selections of billiard tables in the region.

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