Saltwater vs Chlorine

psw-saltwater vs chlorine

Saltwater vs Chlorine Getting a pool always comes with the big question, saltwater vs chlorine? Today we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of specifically using saltwater in your pools versus only chlorine. Saltwater Vs Chlorine Saltwater systems make chlorine, the exact same chlorine that is released from pool chlorine products. In a saltwater pool, when H2O + NaOCl are […]

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How To: Storing Your Pool Accessories

Storing Your Pool Accessories After pool season is over, one of the biggest dilemmas a pool owner can come across occurs, where do I store my pool accessories? We’re here to help. Here’s a rundown of pool accessories and how/where to properly store them during the offseason. Floaties and Other Pool Accessories The best place to […]

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